Following the schema of previous editions, on the first day of the conference we will address the challenges posed by the integration of safety and security aspects in the different stages of the life cycle of a product or system. The interconnection of systems has meant that these disciplines cannot be considered separately and, in this sense,  it cannot be said that a system can behave safely (Safe) if it is not protected against attacks (Secure). The level of maturity of this integration is not high and in fact, it is an issue that worries more and more in organizations. Thus, in QA&TEST SafSec, we will talk about techniques, tools, methodologies, etc., that will allow us to face the technical, regulatory, organizational and market challenges that such integration demands. The final objective is to offer the keys to develop more competitive and robust solutions for the market with controlled levels of effort and cost.

In addition, QA&TEST Safety and Security is a multisectoral and multidisciplinary conference and, therefore, the second day of the conference is dedicated to showing initiatives from a sectoral point of view (railway, logistics, medical devices and pharmaceutical laboratories …) that, due to their interest and applicability, should be shared by other domains. Therefore, we will have speakers from various industrial activities who guarantee that, from a domain point of view, the conference is of interest to any sector of activity.

On the other hand, as we have mentioned, QA&TEST SafSec addresses the entire life cycle of a product / system, so both the responsibles for product design, development and operation, as well as those in charge of certification and testing, are the target of the conference. Likewise, QA&TEST SafSec welcomes specialized companies in the development of tools for both IT security and support to the process of development and testing of systems, as well as regulatory and standardization entities.

The structure of the program will be as follows:

The first day, the 17th will begin with the inaugural Keynote, 5 presentations and a special talk, all of them dedicated to presenting the techniques and tools that allow the integration of safety and security aspects throughout the entire life cycle of a system or product. In the morning we will discuss it from the point of view of conception and architecture and in the afternoon, the talks will be related to validation, verification and certification.

The second day will also begin with a Keynote and the talks will address these two aspects in different industrial environments: railways, telemedicine, logistics, etc.