Data Spaces

Count on SQS as your strategic ally for the development and deployment of managed data spaces.



Data Space Consulting and Design:

We advise you on the definition of your data strategy, governance model and the selection of the best technology for your data space.

  • Support in the creation of the data space governance program.
  • Definition and implementation of the data space validation and verification strategy.

    Data Space Certification

    We have a certification program for technological components and operational environments.


    Infraestructure as a Service:

    Our D-Spacer service allows you to contract a managed and cloud-based data space to implement your data sharing processes quickly and securely.

    We also have our Integration Test Camp, Infrastructure and Remote Access Service that allows you to test the interoperability of IDS components in a real environment.


    Business Unit Specialized in Training Your Team in the Different Key Areas Related to Data Management, Including:

    • Data Space Fundamentals: Basic concepts, architecture, technologies, and benefits.
    • Data Governance: Implementation of policies, processes, and roles to ensure the quality, security, and ethical use of data.
    • Data Architecture: Design and implementation of a robust and scalable architecture for your data space.
    • Data Engineering: Techniques and tools for data integration, transformation, and analysis.


    ¿Why Software Quality Systems?


    ✔️ Highly qualified team:

    We have a multidisciplinary team of experts in data management, information architecture, software engineering and cutting-edge technologies.

    ✔️ Strategic alliances:

    We forge solid relationships with the most relevant players in the European data space ecosystem, allowing you to access the best available solutions and technologies.

    ✔️ Agile and proven methodologies:

    We implement agile development and implementation methodologies that are adaptable to the specific needs of your organization, ensuring fast and tangible results.

    ✔️ Integral approach:

    We not only help you build your data space, but we also accompany you in defining your data strategy, change management and team training, as well as component evaluation and certification.

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    ISO/IEC 27001

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    ISO 20000

    UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025

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