Support for the Implementation of ENS and ISO 27001

In an increasingly competitive market, trust has become a fundamental value for companies.

Assessment, auditing and certification are tools that allow you to demonstrate to your customers, suppliers and investors that your company complies with the highest standards.

Why should we get certified?

It strengthens trust in your company:

  • Demonstrates your commitment to quality, safety and sustainability.
  • Builds trust with your customers, suppliers and investors.
  • Helps you differentiate yourself from the competition.

Improves your performance:

  • Identifies areas for improvement in your processes and products.
  • Optimizes efficiency and productivity.
  • Reduces costs and risks.

Complies with regulations and legal requirements:

  • Ensures that your company complies with current regulations.
  • Avoids penalties and fines.
  • Protects your reputation.

Opens up new business opportunities:

  • Access new markets and customers.
  • Improves your position in tenders and competitions.
  • Strengthens your image and prestige.

How can SQS help you?

We help you by supporting you throughout the process until you obtain your certification.

  • We carry out an initial assessment of your starting point.
  • We provide you with reports on the certification requirements.
  • We guide you in the implementation of the necessary changes.
  • We train your team in the best practices to achieve certification.




What areas do we work in?


Cybersecurity and Security Management

Data Spaces


ISO 9001

ISO/IEC 27001

ENS-nivel medio

ISO 20000


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