ISO 27001

ISO 27001

Implementation and Adaptation of an ISMS for its Certification according to ISO 27001.

The ISO 27001 standard helps us to manage information security in any type of organization.

What benefits does my company get with ISO 27001 certification?

  • Show your commitment to information security to customers, partners and suppliers.
  • Protect your confidential information, minimize the impact of cyberattacks and other security threats.
  • Reduce the costs associated with security incident management.
  • Strengthens your customers’ trust in your organization.
  • Enhances your brand reputation as a responsible and secure company.
  • Complies with international information security standards.

How can we help you at SQS?

We implement and adapt ISO 27001 to your organization:


  • Comprehensive risk assessment:We identify the vulnerabilities of your information and help you mitigate them.
  • Design and implementation of security controls:We advise you on the implementation of measures to protect your information.
  • Pre-audit of security policies:We verify that your policies and procedures comply with the ISO 27001 standard.
  • Design and definition of the Information Security Management System (ISMS):We create an ISMS adapted to the needs of your company.
  • Support throughout the process:We guide you from the beginning to the obtention of the certification or recertification.

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