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Cookie is a segment of data that is stored in the user’s browser in order to provide further information about this web server, allowing remember certain settings and information about the user, achieving greater customization and behavior analysis thereof.

Types of cookies:

There are different types of cookies, which can be classified according to their purpose for obtaining information about the user:

  • Technical cookies: Are those that are essential to enable the user to navigate through a web page, for example to store online order data.
  • Customization cookies: This type allows you to customize the functions or content of the website according to data from the browser. Through these cookies you can submit a website in the language of the browser used to visit the web.
  • Analytic cookie: Are used for statistical purposes only. A clear example would be the cookies generated by the Google Analytics tracking script.
  • Promotional cookies: Are those that aim to improve the effectiveness of advertising. Thus, Google’s advertising network or adservers include such technologies to give the desired service to its customers.

You can learn more about cookies and their use at

How to disable cookies in popular browsers:

  • Chrome: Configuración → Mostrar opciones avanzadas → Privacidad → Configuración de contenido.
    Para más información, puede consultar el soporte de Google o la Ayuda del navegador.
  • Internet Explorer: Herramientas → Opciones de Internet → Privacidad → Configuración.
    Para más información, puede consultar el soporte de Microsoft o la Ayuda del navegador.
  • Firefox: Herramientas → Opciones → Privacidad → Historial → Configuración Personalizada.
    Para más información, puede consultar el soporte de Mozilla o la Ayuda del navegador.
  • Safari: Preferencias → Seguridad.
    Para más información, puede consultar el soporte de Apple o la Ayuda del navegador.

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