Guarantee the quality of your mobile applications

Q-Mobile is comprehensive quality service offered by SQS that allows you to ensure that your mobile application meets not only the defined functional requirements, but also the quality criteria set by industry standards as well as standardization and de- facto standards accepted by the community . Based on the objectives set in each case, two levels of Q-Mobile service may be obtained:

S I M P L E   L O G O

A Test Plan is designed and implemented to cover both functional and non-functional testing (usability , navigability , compatibility, security , performance, reliability , efficiency , maintainability ) of the mobile application

C O M P L E T E   L O G O

The Single Logo service Test Plan is completed with specific and additional custom-desing test processes derived from requirements and criteria set by the customer for a particular application.

Q-Mobile Advantages

Minimize risks

  • Address complexity of platforms and devices
  • Avoid unnecessary risks taken from developing complex, edge applications
  • Improve Time-To-Market for your applications
User centered


  • Provide your users with an enhanced experience
  • Provide an enhanced and first-class user experience
  • They will make the most of their smartphone
Return of investment

  • Control your testing costs
  • Enhance test coverage
  • Keep your development teams focused on their core activities and managing technical challenge

Technology platform Q-Mobile Platform

The environment ensures completeness and traceability of tests , and allows you to continuously monitor the state of the process.



ISO 9001

ISO 20000

ISO/IEC 27001

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