Safety and Security have traditionally been considered separate disciplines and each of them has its own standards, regulatory frameworks, methodologies and tools. These are very mature disciplines with very high levels of implementation in organizations.

However, today the paradigm has changed: We live in an increasingly interconnected world, in which the Industrial Internet of Things is already a reality, the deployment of 5G networks is more imminent and this interconnection of systems has fact that both disciplines cannot be considered separately: We cannot say that a system can behave safely (“Safe”) if it is not protected against attacks (“Secure”) and, nevertheless, there is a vacuum at the time to approach both concepts in an integral way.

The level of maturity of this integration is not high and it is an issue of increasing concern in organizations. Thus, the third edition of our QA&TEST Safety & Security event will try to be the meeting point and exchange of knowledge and good practices to face the challenges that this integration demands.

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