We live in an increasingly interconnected world and the automation of routine processes increases every day thanks to current technology (robotics, artificial intelligence, internet of things…). It is, therefore, of vital importance at this time to anticipate the greatest number of risks in the early phases of the system construction processes. This interconnection of systems has meant that the safety and security disciplines cannot be considered separately. However, there is still a gap when it comes to addressing both concepts comprehensively and it is an issue that is increasingly worrying in organizations.

In response to this interest, the company SQS launched QA&TEST Safety and Security conference in 2019, which addresses the integration of cybersecurity and safety throughout the life cycle of software systems and products, whether during conception, design and systems development or from the point of view of testing, validation and certification.

On April 28th and 29th in Madrid, we will discuss in QA&TEST Safety and Security the challenges that the integration of these two aspects demands, taking into account the perspective of very diverse industrial sectors.

The conference programme will be presented shortly and tickets can now be purchased on the website https://safety.qatest.org/. You will learn to address security and protection aspects in an integrated manner, throughout the development life cycle. You will also learn about conception, design, architecture, V&V and certification of systems and software products.

You can´t miss!