IDSA Testing & Evaluation Facility

SQS is the European accredited laboratory for the validation of components according to the standards formulated by IDSA (International Data Spaces Association), which regulates the trusted and sovereign sharing of data, as a key tool to promote and enable global information and business transactions between enterprises.

World Class Facility

  • IDSA accredited evaluation facility
  • Full availability of data sharing components, services, infrastructures and tools
  • Fully integrated within SQS Quality as a Service (QaaS) offer, infrastructures and accredited quality management style
  • Highly qualified engineers, latest methodologies & cutting edge evaluation framework

SQS Evaluation Facility Services

  • Independent validation services of different commercial IDSA components for trusted data sharing applications.
  • Support to developers and European companies in service certification across different sectors (logistics and transport, development of medical and pharmaceutical products, etc.).
  • Evaluation report preparation for IDSA certification.

Security Profiles

  • BaseFree
  • Base
  • Trust
  • Trust +

Key Benefits

Guaranteed compliance with IDSA reference architecture
Costs reduction in the development and deployment of data sharing services
Guaranteed robust and secure data services in diverse operational environments
Speed-up the commercialization of components and services
Reduce risks of deploying data-driven services and increase return of investment

A Unique Service Experience

Remote Service Offering
Immediate Access to Service Contracting
Controlled Costs
Pre-Evaluation Test Cases
Aligned with your Development Strategy
Service Level Agreements
Continuous Communication and Feedback
Complete Process Traceability and Visibility
Highly Experienced Team Customized to your Product Needs

Ask for your certification

If you want to start your certification, fill in the application form. We will review all the information and we will contact you in a week.

IDSA Data Ecosystem



Use Cases

Global Ecosystem

  • Do you need to certify a commercial IDSA component?
  • Would you like to define and set an IDSA architecture?
  • Would you like to receive IDS training and accreditation?
  • Do you have any question related to the certification process or its advantages?

Become a member of a Global Data Economy Community

The IDSA initiative is a global initiative endorsed and supported by global networks of innovation hubs.



ISO 9001

ISO 20000

ISO/IEC 27001

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