IaaS Data Spaces Creation

Data spaces provide added value in the management and sharing of information, complementing other existing technologies and technological approaches. They enable the generation of new services and promote data monetization. At the same time, they represent an opportunity to maximize the potential of data for companies and organizations and foster innovation in a secure and controlled environment.

SQS has developed two remote infrastructures to cater to two types of clients: component developers and businesses looking to operate and create a data space.

Integration Test Camp (ITC)

The first infrastructure, Integration Test Camp (ITC), is aimed at component developers for data spaces. It offers a complete IDS infrastructure to test the functionality and interoperability of components in a real environment.

Data Spaces as a Service (DSaaS)

The second infrastructure, Data Spaces as a Service (DSaaS), allows the development of a pilot data space to assess its future viability and create a business and development plan accordingly.



ISO 9001

ISO 20000

ISO/IEC 27001

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