Any company that offers its services through a computer infrastructure needs to guarantee access and availability of the service for all its customers. To do this, having a monitoring service system is key to measure the quality offered by our website or our mobile application, locate and correct errors and, above all, carry out predictive and preventive maintenance of our systems that allows us to anticipate problems and incidents of users and avoid that the productive process of the company is affected.

How to guarantee access and availability of our web and/or mobile services?

At SQS, within our Quality as a Service (QaaS) services we have Q-Monitor,set of services offered from our test infrastructures, an independent and non-intrusive monitoring service that adapts to the needs of each client. Q-monitor allows us to create periodic reports and statistics, configure alarms and assist our clients immediately when unavailability or data that can be improved are detected.

The advantages of having a monitoring service are many:

  • It allows to know the status of your computer systems in real time
  • It allows detecting incidents at the time they occur and their origin
  • It facilitates the maximum use of the hardware resources of a company and allows us to plan growth based on actual use (know when to increase memory, add another server …)
  • Reduce costs and time
  • Improve user experience and satisfaction.

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