Data Spaces as a Service


Hire a managed and cloud-based data space to implement your data sharing processes quickly and securely.

What is a data space?

A data space allows for the sovereign and secure sharing of data to provide new value-added services.


Only what is desired to be shared (Usage Policies) is shared from the facilities of the entity sharing (Data Provider).


It is shared only among trusted entities and technologies (certified), using secure protocols and under operation logging.

What advantages does it offer?

The implementation of processes and value-added services that are not feasible without third-party data.

Launching processes and services in a less costly way. Data is shared from the source, along with information about its models and formats, maintaining control over sovereignty and security, without generating Data Centers or addressing data integrations

Implementing processes/services that would otherwise be impossible.

What problems do data spaces have today?

Technological complexity

Need for clear and operational benchmarks

Lack of technological components in the market

Market in a very early stage. The few public offerings that are published are complex and confusing

Developing and changing architecture models. Numerous messages. IDSA/GAIA-X/DSSC/…

D-Spacer. Data Space as a Service.

What are the advantages?

Focus on the value aspects of the service you want to create.

Approach proofs of concept with controlled cost.

Ensure rapid and secure deployment.

Achieve scalability in the face of data space growth.

What does a managed data space offer us?

Validated technological infrastructure

Connectors as a service

  • Component that allows access to the data space, sharing data, and establishing usage policies.
  • Up to a maximum of 100 connectors per space.

Data catalogue

  • Component that allows publishing shared data and, therefore, making the information visible to other participants.

Identity Provider

  • Component that validates participants in a transaction. DAPS service.

Transaction log register

  • Component that records and allows access to information on all transactions occurring in the space.

Data Management applications and/or Connector API interface:

  • Application that allows the management of data catalogs by a Provider and the download of them by a Consumer.


  • Application that allows access to information from the Transaction Log Register.


Authorization management

You will be able to assign and revoke permissions and digital identities, as well as keep a user log.

24X7 support

We provide you with help and technical support at any time of the day, every day of the week.

Periodic usage reporting

You will get detailed information about your D-Spacer usage as often as you want.

Optional Services

  • Consultancy for the specification, implementation, and operation of the data space.
  • Development of services and applications.
  • Training

  • Verification and certification

D-Spacer Features

Constantly updated.

Hosted in the cloud, high availability, scalability, and security.

Rapid deployment that facilitates quick adoption of the technology for entities wishing to share data.

Complies with application standards.

Who is D-Spacer for?

  • Entities interested in deploying a data space with their ecosystem.
  • Entities interested in conducting a Proof of Concept for a data space. If successful, possibilities of extension.

Ask for more information

To receive additional information about D-Spacer or to learn about our pricing model, please contact us.

ISO 9001

ISO/IEC 27001

ENS-medium level

ISO 20000


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