The SQS independent verification and validation services allow our customers to incorporate software quality activities into their development processes. This will allow the quality of the development to be assured and improved throughout the process.

But, what is verification and what validation? These concepts are usually confusing. They are similar words but with different meaning.

On the one hand, verification consists of checking the requirements of each of the phases. It is a process of evaluating a system or a component to determine whether the resulting products (i.e requirements, design, code) from a certain development phase satisfy the specified conditions at the beginning of the phase. It is a key tool to ensure that bugs are localized as soon as they happened and do not advance during the development process.

On the other hand, validation consists of examining and verifying that the specifications of the software, one development or a specific project meet the requirements and/or needs of the user.

The scope of these Validation and Verification processes is broad and therefore, involves different activities throughout the entire development process of a system, from its design to its production. Here are some of these activities:

  • Designing and implementing testing environments
  • Coordinating test processes and defining test tasks
  • Formal documentation reviews
  • Code reviews
  • Integration and unitary tests
  • Acceptance and functional tests
  • Dynamic and static methods
  • Implementing Security and Quality Standards
  • Training customer´s staff.