Offering testing and quality assurance services as QaaS (Quality as a Service), allows us to approach complex technologies and systems remotely and supporting the whole development cycle of a system, from planning to operation.

When we mention Quality as a Service, we talk about Testing as a Service, Validation as a Service, Automation as a Service….etc. These services have special characteristics and specifically, for SQS these features are:

  • Offered remotely with global reach
  • Immediate hiring and availability 24 * 7
  • Supported by a human team in constant training and with extensive multi-domain and multi-technology experience and by a technical equipment that is constantly reviewed and updated.
  • Internationally recognized quality accreditations
  • Constant incorporation of the latest infrastructures as a result of the SQS R&D activity.

SQS’s experience working for remote clients around the world has allowed us to overcome the challenges that this virtual collaboration presents and equip us with tools to guarantee constant communication with clients and with the resources, connectivity and work policies needed to offer the highest quality in all projects.

Hiring a Quality as a Service or Testing as a Service means having a “software quality partner” who makes a complete testing team available to us, flexible to adapt the service to the specific needs of our company and who accompanies and guides us throughout the development process software, ensuring constant communication and traceability of processes. Hiring Quality as a service means obtaining all the competitive advantages of having a team specialized in testing and software quality within the organization but avoiding investment in infrastructure, personnel, etc.

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