SQS, within the framework of the Baidata association (association for the development of data sovereignty and economy in Spain and Portugal), has created a series of courses for the association’s members that represent a guide for all those people and organizations who want to be certified under the IDS standard.

These courses will help us understand what IDS is, what are the benefits of certification, how to develop a project plan and how to go from a development project to commercialization.

Looking ahead to the month of March, we have the following courses scheduled:

  • February 15th:  Data Spaces- Concepts.

Overview of data spaces45 minutes long. On-line.

  • February 20th: Configuration and Use of Data Spaces 

This course provides the knowledge needed to configure, deploy, and operate in an IDS Data Space, from initial connector configuration and publishing a data source to performing a full data transaction, as a data consumer. For this, the basic architecture of an IDS connector will be presented, as well as the procedures and actions necessary to set up and put into operation an IDS data space, as well as the IDS Information Model, which allows describing the data in a standardized way, so that any another member is able to find the published data. The certification process for Participants of an IDS Space will also be introduced, which guarantees that the users of a data space have the appropriate data management tools and mechanisms in order to be considered a trusted entity.

In January the course Introduction to Data Spaces was also held. This course introduces the main key concepts of data spaces (interoperability, digital sovereignty, etc.), and its main advantages, as well as the differences with other data sharing technologies. In addition, the IDS reference architecture model will be presented, which is the standard promoted by the IDSA for the implementation of sovereign data spaces, looking at the different roles and interactions between the components of an IDS Data Space.

The next scheduled courses can be consulted on the Baidata association website https://baidata.eu/cursos And if you want more information about Q-IDSA, our accredited Laboratory for the validation of components according to IDSA (International Data Spaces Association), contact us: