SQS will lead the validation and certification activities that are essential within the medical device domain.

Recent events have demonstrated the need for readiness for medical supply and equipment rapid manufacturing repurposing.

The main ambition of Eur3ka is to enable and facilitate global and fair access to a Plug & Respond (P&R) repurposing resource coordination framework for pandemic crisis response, a common open standardized modular manufacturing reference architecture and solutions, and  top digitally sovereign cross-sectorial manufacturing networks and capacities that should allow to connect global manufacturing and supply chain capabilities and medical knowledge on-demand and as-a-Service across the globe in an IP-responsive manner to ensure rapid manufacturing repurposing for an increased and sudden demand of medical supplies and equipment.

In addition, Eur3ka will offer a unique and reliable ability to collectively connect and respond to a surge in demand in a coordinated and efficient way on an unprecedented scale. Eur3ka’s vision builds on and accelerates current digital transformation industry4.0 efforts, as well as flexible regulations and tailored workforce re-/up- skilling.

The project started 1st December 2020 with a duration of 24 months and involves 24 companies from 12 countries.

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