On the 30th of January  and within the framework of the AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center, one of the biggest Big Data initiatives in Europe was launched: Boost 4.0. Oriented to the 4.0 industry and championed by the main automotive manufacturers, Boost 4.0 is led by the Basque industrial group,Innovalia. As project partners, SQS participated in this Kock off meeting.


Boost 4.0 has created a great team with the main European industrial companies including Gestamp, Volvo, Volkswagen, Capvidia, Philips, Siemens, IBM, and Telefónica among many other representative companies of the European Industry. SQS, as a partner of this project, will contribute with its experience and knowledge in systems validation and verification.

The Boost 4.0 initiative will establish a set of smart and connected factories in Europe that will serve as a guide for the European industry. Boost 4.0 is an initiative that in addition to making possible the collaboration between the largest European industrial companies, has a financing of 20million euros and will last 36 months. This initiative will accelerate the adoption of Big Data and advanced analysis solutions in the European Industry thanks to standards, platforms and open APIs, totally reliable and protected.

More information about the project at: www.boost40.eu