For many years, SQS has been committed to quality in its management systems and constantly works to maintain and expand its regulatory framework, offering the maximum quality guarantees in all our services and processes and increasing the degree of confidence of our customers.

Thus, SQS currently has ISO 9001 accreditation for all the organization’s services, which guarantees quality control in all our processes. Also global in scope are our ISO 27001 certifications, for our Information Security Management System, and the certificate of compliance with the medium level National Security Scheme (ENS), two accreditations that allow us to guarantee the security of information in all projects always keeping the focus on continuous improvement and, of course, on risk control and our threats.

In addition to these global certifications, we have other specific accreditations for our testing laboratories (Quality as a Service): ISO 20000-ITIL for our mobile applications validation and certification offer (Q-Mobile) and ISO 17025 for our load and performance testing laboratory (Q-Load).  This last standard made us the only accredited laboratory for carrying out this type of test in Spain and one of the few existing worldwide.

We continue, of course, to work continuously to expand our quality framework, accrediting the rest of our laboratories as a guarantee of the highest standards in the management of all our processes.

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