A Data Space represents an environment where collaboration and information exchange occur autonomously and securely, leading to the creation of new value-added services. Sovereignty in this context implies that only the desired information is shared, based on established usage policies, from the facilities of the entity sharing the data, also known as the Data Provider. Security, on the other hand, is ensured by sharing data only among certified entities and technologies, using secure protocols and maintaining a detailed record of operations.

The Data Space offers a series of significant advantages, opening up new possibilities and optimizing the implementation of processes and services. Here, we highlight the key benefits it provides:

  • Deployment of Innovative Processes and Services: Enables the launch of value-added processes and services that would otherwise be unattainable without access to third-party data. Collaboration in the data space expands the horizon of possibilities, facilitating the creation of innovative solutions.
  • Cost and Resource Efficiency: Facilitates the initiation of processes and services more economically. It eliminates the need to build expensive Data Centers and tackle complex data integrations. Data is shared directly from the source, along with detailed information on models and formats, always maintaining sovereignty and security.
  • Implementation of Unprecedented Processes and Services: Provides the ability to implement processes and services that would otherwise be difficult or even impossible to carry out. The flexibility and inherent collaboration in the data space open opportunities for creating customized solutions tailored to specific needs.
  • Potential for Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: Stands out as a technology with exceptional potential to enhance Big Data and Artificial Intelligence processes. The collaborative structure of the data space facilitates efficient management and advanced analysis of extensive datasets, thereby driving informed decision-making.


SQS has extensive experinece in the deployment of data spaces. We are a laboratory accredited by IDSA for componente validation and we have tools and methodologies to help you deploy your data space. Do you want to know more? Contact us