What are the advantages of hiring Quality as a Service (QaaS)?

Quality as a Service (QaaS) is a service model that offers organizations the ability to outsource their software testing and quality processes. This solution offers a number of advantages that can be very attractive for businesses, among which we can highlight:

  • Cost savings: Allows businesses to reduce the costs associated with software development by freeing themselves from the need to have an internal QA team.
  • Quality improvement: Offers businesses the opportunity to have a specialized team and access the latest testing methodologies and tools, which can improve the quality of the software developed.
  • Greater agility: Allows to accelerate the software development process by reducing the waiting times associated with internal testing.

At SQS we offer a complete and high-quality QaaS service that adapts to the needs of each client. Our services are developed and implemented by a team of highly qualified engineers and feature the latest methodologies and hardware and software infrastructures.

They are services offered remotely, based on previously agreed SLAs and the service availability is immediate.

In addition, our QaaS services are subject to periodic internal and external audits and have official accreditations, which guarantees their quality and reliability.

If you are looking for a solution to improve the quality of your software, contact us!