Next October, from the 19 to the 21, Bilbao (Spain) will be under the spotlight of the Testing and Software Industry. Why: the twenty first edition of the international conference about embedded systems testing and QA, QA&TEST, will be held in Palacio Euskalduna.

The event returns after the pandemic and will bring together hundreds of developers and testers from all over the world. The main goal of the conference is that its attendees have access to the latest methodologies, techniques, and tools to face the changing challenges we face in the world of Software Development and Software Testing: from the incorporation of new technologies to cybersecurity or techniques to test AI based software products, for example. QA&TEST is an essential event in the sector.

In this way, 25 internationally relevant experts in Software Testing and Software Quality will be part of the program of this new edition that consists of 2 tutorials, 1 special talk, 3 keynotes and 18 sessions, divided into 7 thematic tracks. Your attendees will meet some of the experts who have helped make these changes come true, with the presence of organizations such as Intel, Philips, Enaire, Tiobe, Capgedimini and Metacube.

From the technological giant Intel, professionals such as Udy Hershkovitz, an expert in the development of embedded security systems, and Ariel Cymberknoh, who is responsible for a team of more than 100 engineers in charge of validating the software of many its products, will participate. Meanwhile, on behalf of the Spanish air navigation manager Enaire, which has recently become a pioneer in Europe by implementing a new control system for a more efficient and sustainable airspace, and, in addition, César Pérez and Benjamín Uceta will speak, who they are part of their satellite navigation department.

To help reduce the risks of this constantly growing sector, the QA&TEST program brings to the table issues of great importance today, such as Test Automation, application development, Cybersecurity, new trends such as low code or the testing of technologies that have been in constant development in recent years: the Internet of Things and Quantum Computing, as well as the emerging use of Artificial Intelligence for software testing.

The event has been organized since 2001 by SQS, one of the leading Spanish Software Quality and Testing consultancy companies, known for being one of the first laboratories in the world to achieve a certification to perform load and performance tests.