IDS evaluation facilities are accredited laboratories to perform the validation of IDS components according to standards formulated by IDSA and we are very proud to announce that SQS has become the first IDSA accredited test facility to validate IDS components.

IDS implementations should be reliable therefore, data sharing between certified entities using certified components is encouraged.

Evaluation Facilities are created to perform the Independent Technical Evaluation of Core Components and Operational Environments following the IDS Certification Criteria.

Being an accredited test facility for IDS components is the result of a really hard effort and commitment since we started working with IDSA two years ago.

Becoming an evaluation facility represented a big challenge for our organisation (for SQS) and, having succeeded is a great honour, an important business opportunity and a huge responsibility that we are, of course,  prepared to meet.

Read more information about our laboratory for the validation of IDS components here