Our conferences goal is that our attendees improve their skills in testing and QA while becoming part of a worldwide network of embedded testing professionals. How do we get it? First of all, our program reflects current industry hot topics and allows attendees to solve the problems that their companies are facing nowadays.

Get to know QA&TEST 2018 Thematic Tracks!

TRACK 1: DevOps

The speakers of this track will show us how to undertake testing activities in a DevOps environment, and the best ways to address the challenges (cultural and technical) involved in following the DevOps model in an organization.

TRACK 2: Mobile Testing

We will learn how to test mobile applications in all its facets and levels.

TRACK 3: Rails and Roads

Our experts will explain how to develop and implement verification and validation processes (with both functional and non-functional tests) in sectors such as the automobile and railways.

Their examples will be perfectly applicable to other sectors in which complex embedded systems are developed and regulations must be followed

TRACK 4: Test Strategy

We will learn how product testing strategies are designed in companies with different development methodologies

TRACK 5: Test Automation

The speakers of this track will show us solutions and advanced approaches of test automation

TRACK 6: Agile Embedded

We will learn how to implement agile methodologies in distributed and complex developments, which involve embedded systems

TRACK 7: Testing Challenges

We will address the challenges of current developments and systems and how to undertake testing processes in systems that incorporate Artificial Intelligence and / or Machine Learning.

TRACK 8: Advanced testing techniques

New test approaches will be presented using techniques such as Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning. We will also learn how testing can be optimized using these techniques. Likewise, we will talk about the use of “personas” as a key asset not only to test the user experience but also to generate testing scenarios of added value in functional aspects, security, etc.

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