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Load and performance testing

The response time offered by an application is key to ensure its success in the marketplace. Do you want to get reliable data on the response times of your application under certain conditions? Need to know the maximum number of concurrent users that your system can support? Are you interested in optimizing your environment software / hardware while offering an efficient implementation?

Load and performance testing give us the information about the behaviour of our system under different loading conditions, and allow us to predict how it will behave once it is in production.

These tests are a necessary prerequisite in many circumstances:

If your system has performance problems

When you observe an increase in the number of users of the application

When you observe an increase in the number of users of the application

In any case, it is always advisable to perform this type of testing to have the maximum information about the behaviour of our system: dissatisfied with the performance of a system users may never return, causing a huge impact on the business.

"From the Load and Performance Testing Laboratory of SQS these tests are performed, following an established and systematic methodology and relying on techniques, resources and proven tools."

"The methodology of the SQS Laboratory has a demonstrated and proven quality"

The Tests

Load and performance testing involves subjecting the system to high workloads, simulating the real activity of the future users of the system. These tests help us to predict the behaviour of our system and confirm if it performs the functions for which it has been designed without downtime and an optimal and stable response time.

The tests are planned, prepared and executed based on firmly established objectives that will decide what type of test is suitable for each case and determine, in measurable terms, which results are acceptable and which are not. Different types of tests, depending on the objective will be implemented:

Load Tests:

simulate typical workloads of multiple users performing typical business processes. Show and validate the application response when subjected to a load of users and / or transactions expected once in the production environment

Performance Tests:

focused on measuring the effectiveness of each of the individual system components. They help us to measure the response of the application to different load volumes expected

Stress Tests:

trying to load the system or system components until they reach operating limits. Allow us to find the volume of data (or time) that the application is no longer able to respond to requests as expected.

Volume Tests:

consist of simulating a large volume of data over a period (long) of time


The laboratory for load and performance testing of SQS is accredited by ENAC according to the criteria in UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025. At the time, SQS is the only accredited laboratory in Spain to perform this type of software testing and one of the few in the world.

So far, there are no reference standards that specify acceptable parameters and methodology for load testing and performance. With this accreditation, the methodology used by SQS has been accredited and the results obtained are intercomparable with those obtained by other accredited laboratory in the world. SQS is a company specialized in performing testing activities. It has its own methodologies and tools and the proven ability to manage complex testing processes both from their own facilities through the Test-Lab (Testing Laboratories with facilities in Madrid, Bilbao and Barcelona) and from customer premises. Software developments requiring load and performance testing meet in SQS a testing laboratory accredited with internationally guaranteed results.