SQS software quality consultancy services are focused on improving and ensuring the quality of our customers' software. Their needs vary from reducing development costs, adapting test activities to different standards or optimising the resources available throughout the process.

Process Assessment

SQS SA specializes in performing diagnostics / assessments of systems development processes in order to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the development process and propose actions for improvement.

These diagnostics can cover the full lifecycle development or focus only on a particular process (eg capture and specification requirements, testing process). It is performed by following a methodology (SQS-Assessment) and the starting point is understanding the context of the company.

The result of this service not only includes a report on weaknesses and strengths of the process, but also a complete and detailed proposal for improvement, including an Action Plan / Implementation with quantifiable objectives in the short, medium and long term.

The implementation of the Action Plan may be carried out in collaboration with SQS. In this case, some checkpoints (minor, major) will be established to ensure early detection of problems and ultimately ensure compliance with the objectives.

Taking between 2 and 4 weeks, the service consists of three phases, as shown in the diagram.


Interests, goals and needs of the organization are identified; information about the organization, its processes and products as well as the standards to be met is collected and a plan of capturing and analyzing information, including document review activities, process and product audits and interviews with key personnel is organized.


The Analysis plan developed in Phase 1 is implemented. After completion of this plan, full information on the processes and products of the company, its strengths and areas for improvement will be available. This information will be presented and shared with the staff of the client company for its contrast, review and discussion. The result of this phase is a Diagnostic Report.


Taking as its starting point the Diagnosis Report developed in Phase 2 and the objectives identified in Phase 1, an implementation plan in which short, medium and long objectives will be set is prepared, together with an indication of the cost and the specific resources needed to achieve them.

The result of this phase is an implementation plan.

QA/QC processes implementation

The software quality concepts, tools or methods that are introduced as part of your processes must be aimed at covering a need, a problem or improvement goal.

The quality of your development can and must be measured. The ROI on the measures implemented in the company must be taken into account to ensure the company’s commitment to quality.

The following problems are common in development companies:

  • "...I have lost control of my software suppliers and I wish to systematize the processes..."
  • "...I have migrated to J2EE and the development times have rocketed..."
  • "...I no longer meet my delivery deadlines due to the bugs that appear at the end of the developmen..."
  • "...the development team does not systematically manage the versions..."
  • " of my business goals is to reduce development costs by 15 per cent..."

SQS focuses on designing and implementing quality tools and methods adapted to each customer's specific needs.

SQS S.A. introduces the most suitable quality mechanisms/concepts that ensure that the business goals are achieved, maintained or improved.

  • Designing and implementing validation and verification processes that are line with the characteristics of the company and its developments
  • Implementing a suitable Requirements Engineering policy (gathering and managing) with methodology and tools
  • Designing and Implementing a Configuration Management System
  • Web applications monitoring systems
  • Support for designing and implementing a new Development Life Cycle
  • TCC implementation

Independent verification and validation

To ensure that the developments carried out in your company are to the quality that you expect, something more is required than final testing which checks that software runs as expected. A correct validation and verification strategy will help you to improve and ensure the quality of your developments and will allow you to reduce bug correction costs.

The SQS independent verification and validation services can by incorporated by our customers into their software quality development processes. This incorporation may be focused on one product, one development or a specific project. This will allow the quality of the development to be assured and improved throughout the process. The advantages are clear: better control of the process, early identification of bugs and problems and a dramatic reduction of the cost of correcting errors.

  • Safety critical systems
  • Activities

A significant part of the verification and validation projects conducted by SQS are due to our customers’ need to comply with specific sectors standards, such as those applying to railways or the pharmaceutical industry.

SQS is currently the benchmark company in the field of adapting development processes to software development related standards. The experience gathered over the years in standards such as Cenelec, IEEE, ISO, FDA & EMEA, DO etc... QS has a vast technological expertise, wide standards knowledge and deep industry insight.

As part of the full validation and verification strategy, the activities to be incorporated throughout the development process need to be identified. The SQS consultancy team is made up of experts in the following activities:

  • Designing and implementing testing environments.
  • Coordinating test processes. Defining test tasks.
  • Formal documentation reviews.
  • Code reviews.
  • Integration and unitary tests.
  • Acceptance and functional tests.
  • Dynamic and static methods.
  • Implementing Security and Quality Standards.
  • Training customer’s staff.
Formal approach






Web sites validation and monitoring

This is ideal for companies who wish to know in a simple and economical way key metrics that determine the quality of your Internet presence service.

24x7 Web sites monitoring

This is ideal for companies who wish to know in a simple and economical way key metrics that determine the quality of your Internet presence service.

Measurements of your Web site are periodically taken from nodes located at different geographical locations and stored in our database, where they remain available.

With this service you will

  • know at all times the availability of your server.
  • check availability and response times of the different services (HTTP, FTP, POP3...)
  • keep this information in our database for historical checking on the evolution and behavior of its measures.


  • the service has an alert system warning immediately via e-mail or SMS (optional) on any failure in a server or a service.
  • secure access to your data through your usual browser.
  • being an external monitoring service does not require any installation, configuration, maintenance or anything intrusive in your servers.

Advanced Monitoring Options

Complementing the 24x7 service, we provide advanced options that allow you to design a monitoring according to your needs.

  • Download Times: This option allows you to know how the user perceives the performance of your Web site finding the time it takes to download the page from the server to the requested location. This time does not only depend on the performance of your server, but the page size and network performance.
  • DNS timing analysis and study of DNS naming propagation.
  • Analysis and interpretation of log files will allow you to get important information about the use of the website such as:
    • number of hits
    • access average
    • know the most used search engine
    • determine the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns via banners
    • know how the user browse in your site to better banner placement
    • keywords used to find your Web
    • size of downloaded files
  • Analysis of changed pages: usually you will perform controlled modifications in your pages, but the pages can also be the target of a hacker acting just for fun or stealing copies of information sent to you from your customers with a barely perceptible change in the code.
    This service can analyze all modifications in your pages to find those not desired changes.
  • Tactical monitorization: SQS, Inc. also offers its customers a tactical monitoring of your website to help them establish a plan that takes into account their specific needs and falls within your budget.


It begins to validate your website even before the development starts. The Q-Val tool facilitates this task by guiding you through a clear and structure process.

Q-Val is a support tool for the methodology development SQS to validate website applications. It allows us to evaluate your quality systematically, while taking into account the very characteristics of the application and its development process.

Q-Val enables you to define the requirements (whether functional or non-functional) to be met by the web application so that it can be considered as a quality web application that functions.

It is therefore essential for the web application validation processes. It facilitates the pre-validation analysis and guides through the process to ensure that no important aspects are ignored.

The Q-Val base is a complete and highly structured set of requirements that are subject to constant monitoring and updating.

In order to define these requirements, the most extensive range of models, recommendations, web quality standards and stamps are studied. The Q-Val tool and quality framework is based on all of the above, together with SQS's knowledge and experience in software quality.