Throughout the year, SQS organises meetings with companies and professionals from the sector. These are ideal opportunities for contacts to be established between people who share the same problems and, even, the same solutions. Each year, the SQS events calendar reaches its climax with the hosting of the QA&TEST international conferences.

QA&TEST Conferences

International Conferences on Embedded and Complex Systems Testing

    QA&TEST Embedded: 29 - 30 - 31 October 2019 (Bilbao)
    QA&TEST Safety and Security: 27 - 28 March 2019 (Madrid)

QA&TEST embedded is a yearly event, held in Bilbao since 2001, with the intention to diffuse the latest technological developments in Software Testing and Quality Assurance for embedded and complex systems.

In 2019, as a result of a deep reflection on the needs that our sector currently presents, SQS will launch QA&TEST Safety and Security conference, focused on facing the challenges presented by addressing safety and security aspects in an integrated manner, to both development and testing. QA&TEST Safety and Security will be the perfect complement to the general content of QA&TEST embedded.

Information for Sponsors and Exhibitors

QA&TEST Conferences are the perfect opportunities to target a specific, high profile market including Directors, Programme Managers, Project Managers, etc., as well as Testing Professionals from a variety of countries, which will be assembled at one place at one time.

QA&TEST Sponsors and Exhibitors will benefit from the wide media coverage with you company's logo and image, will let you present your services and products to the attendees and to network with all the visitors.

To read the complete Sponsors and Exhibitors Advantages Pack visit the QA&TEST web site

Breakfasts with Software Quality

SQS organises conferences throughout the year aimed at QA & Testing professionals. These meetings are ideal opportunities to share experiences and sometimes solutions for specific problems.


SQS, S.A. organises its “QA Breakfasts” in its offices in Madrid and Bilbao. The aim of these breakfast meetings is to study, from a practical point of view, specific areas of software quality assurancein greater depth and discuss current issues within this field, at the same time as the delegates partake of a breakfast laid on by SQS.

It is also an opportunity to discover the latest software QA products and services developed by the company.

Next Quality Breakfast

Keys to perform load and performance testing

Fecha: 16th March

Localización: Madrid

This Quality Breakfast aims at strengthening the meeting between professionals interested in software quality, encouraging the exchange of experiences and knowledge .

In this first 2019 Quality Breakfast we will discuss about load and performance testing, key to know, improve and optimise the response of our system under different load conditions.

The meeting will promote an open discussion led by Itziar Ormaetxea, senior consultant of the company SQS. Attendees will have the opportunity to enrich the debate by providing different views from their own experience. The breakfast will last two hours, starting at 9:30.

To attend and / or receive more information contact by e-mail: